smeared photography

Streaking Sky

Streaking Sky   colors streak across the sky my imagination set to fly on pathways of beauty and love thankful for the gifts above ~ I love these images from Matt Molloy, a fine art photographer based in Ontario, Canada. Matt captures hundreds of photos and combines them to create the “smeared sky” look, similar to brush…

ceramics, birds, fun, poetry

Polly Wolly!

Polly Wolly! this Polly does NOT like crackers that’s nonsense from wackers* Snickers bars bring me bliss any birdbrain knows this ~ although we’re made of clay we’re ready to dance and play each day full of surprises with delight in all that arises ~ now it’s time to bid adieu I enjoyed bumbling through…

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Awesome Stories 240

This week Awesome Stories brings you landscape beauty, ultrasound therapy, caterpillar magic, Community Cars and mastering irrelevancy. International Landscape Awards This is a wonderful collection of landscape photos from a competition called the Internation Landscape Photographer of the Year. They received over 2600 submissions from professional and amateur photographers around the world to select the top…

beauty, awe, poetry, haiku

Majestic Views

Majestic Views   majestic views stir my soul regal canyons carved over time rivers below patiently flowing colorful clouds floating free all leaving beautiful trails in my soul awe whispers in my heart reclaim your majesty ~ This is another awe-inspiring photo from Mike Oblinski, photographer and storm chaser. May we look for beauty and listen…

desert, poem

Desert Delights

Desert Delights   sunlight seeping over the mountains painting the sky in pink swirls a heart dripping with awe fills my mind with gratitude for the beauty of desert delights ~ This is a beautiful photo and morning prayer by Kirt Tisdale called “Sunrise.” Kirt also has some very creative prints and photo manipulations in…

micro photography, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 239

This week Awesome Stories brings you solar distiller, micro-beauty, teaching compassion, animal love and the we-economy. Solar Seawater Distiller! This is an incredibly useful idea that won the Core77 Design Award in 2012. Italian designer Gabriele Diamanti invented a simple solar distiller called Eliodomestico that can turn seawater into pure drinking water! It can be…

Vera Komnig, painting, poetry

Cosmic Light

Cosmic Light   visitors from distant galaxies meteors dash across the horizon filling the sky with wondrous light leaving trails of cosmic joy ~ This painting by Vera Komnig fills my heart with joy. It’s like liquid sunshine! I invite you to explore Vera’s wonderful artwork.

forests, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 238

This week Awesome Stories brings you mysterious forests, StoryCorps, artistic cycling, mindfulness and Hugelkultur. Mysterious Forests I would love to see these mysterious forests. They are a mixture of beautiful, whimsical and mysterious. The colors in the Hallerbos forest above look incredibly inviting. I would love to wander around, lay in those purple beauties and…

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Conscious Communication

Conscious Communication It just occurred to me how much of a switch I’ve made in my life around communication. As a child and teenager, I was a quiet, shy person who was more comfortable with math, listening and reading than talking with people. I’m still an introvert who prefers inner activities, but have learned a great…