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Rushing Rivers

Rushing Rivers fast flowing currents mind and body tossed about heart knows to let go ~ fear dragging me down gasping for air I gulp and surrender to love ~ Our normally meandering creeks have turned into roaring rivers. We’ve already had 7″ of rain for May when we usually have about 3.2″ for the…

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Awesome Stories 222

This week Awesome Stories brings you whale communication, better education, animal freedom, mental health and fuel from water. Communicating with Whales Scientists at The University of Queensland have been able to decipher and learn how to communicate with whales. Optus, an Australian telecommunications company, hired M&C Saatchi, Sydney to explore communication between humans and animals, specifically…

Tails of Love, poetry

Tails of Love

Tails of Love boundless energy expressing running, wagging and circling eyes that speak of pure love undying loyalty and trust ~ a friendship beyond measure you remind me to play find joy in the moment and be true to those you love ~ Today is a reminder for me to play, enjoy the moment and…

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Radiant Love

Radiant Love your love is pure delight glowing with radiant light vibrant mysteries inside luscious petals open wide ~ your love is boundless, kind and free lifting, welcoming and full of glee shining in your face welcoming me to this place ~ This poem was inspired by Jennifer Pastiloff’s wonderful post called Be Love. She writes…

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Awesome Stories 221- Mother’s Day Edition

This week Awesome Stories is dedicated to mothers everywhere. Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. ~ Kahlil Gibran To my Mother, thank you for the gift of life, love, listening and much more. I’ve told you I love you in many ways over the…

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Silken Treasures

Silken Treasures smooth curvy petals beckon with soft lavender shades your fuzzy beard inviting exploration of hidden chambers ~ sweet aromas fill my senses stigma and stamens ready guarding your silken treasures the inner realm of passion  

flowers, passion, poetry

Flower Power

Flower Power the siren call of your beauty flooding my brain with vibrant color senses tingling with your aroma mysteries waft from petals to receptors igniting secrets, passions and desires to give my heart to you  


Awesome Stories 220

This week Awesome Stories brings you mindfulness, compassion, singing nurses, gratitude and life reflections. Pondering Life Paul Kalanithi wrote about his sense of altered time after learning about having lung cancer. He described the rush of time in the operating room as a physician versus time flattened and slowed down as a patient. His post,…

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Lessons from a Pickle Jar

Here are some great lessons from a pickle jar! Some of you may be familiar with this video or its message. Basically, the video reminds us to start with the important things first. It shows us in a simple and visual way how to prioritize our lives. Brian Tracy calls this “Eat the Frog!” In…