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Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams summer dreams awaken distant longings visions of far away lands floating on soft pink clouds ~ time takes a detour this moment opens to eternity pathways to inspiration with clouds as my travel guide

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Awesome Stories 230

This week Awesome Stories brings you sexy dancing, love and forgiveness, a sea symphony, greedy goats, empowering children and net-zero homes. Sexy SLIP I have a passion for dance and wish that I had pursued it when I was younger. I dance around my living room, but now it is more of a centering and…

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Rose of My Eye

Rose of My Eye your beauty inspires pink petals enthrall my eyes blooming with pure love ~ whispers to my heart awaken and share your love divine aroma  

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Living Compassion

Living Compassion Happy Belated Birthday to the Dali Lama! The Dali Lama, and spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, celebrated his 80th birthday on Monday at the Global Compassion Summit in southern California. He was joined by numerous celebrities and a crowd of 18,000 supporters! When I think of compassion and kindness, I think of the Dali Lama.…

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Awesome Stories 229

This week Awesome Stories brings you the benefits of aging, wildlife crossings, book carving, hempcrete and 100 Thank Yous. 100 Thank Yous This is maybe the most inspiring story I’ve seen in the last year. Lori Portka created a beautiful and unique way to express more gratitude in her life called A 100 Thank Yous. First…

poetry, clouds, dreams

Meadow Musings

Meadow Musings summer dreams bake rising and wafting about floating on soft puffy clouds visiting far away lands ~ my spirit floating free untethered to dream and soar sailing on winds of inspiration returning to earth refreshed and renewed ~ May you be refreshed with joyful meadow musings!

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Far Away Lands

Far Away Lands summer daydreams fly sailing on meadow musings reach far away lands ~ My meadow musings continue. Here is the first musing called Mellow Meadow. May your summer be full of mellow meadow musings!  :)  

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Awesome Stories 228

This week Awesome Stories brings you innovative libraries, heartbreak for love, joyful jumping and ordinary magic. Library Innovation Netherlands is home to one of the world’s busiest and most innovative libraries. In planning their Nieuwe Bibliotheek, the city of Almere put aside most traditional plans and decided to make their library more like a bookstore.…