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This week Awesome Stories bring you leadership, high-tech breakthroughs, savoring life, Amazon treasures and love for Valentine’s Day! Bold Leadership This story and photo recently went viral thanks to Brandon Stanton and his Humans of New York campaign. To date, the campaign has raised over $1,100,000! Vidal’s acknowledgment of his principal as the most important person…

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Self Love or Self Obsession?

Originally posted on writing to freedom:
In honor of Valentine’s Day, I was going to join the self love party, writing about tips for self love like so many other bloggers. Then I realized that I don’t agree with the idea that self love is necessary in life. Did Ghandi or Albert Schweitzer or Mother Teresa practice self love? I didn’t interview them for…

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A Feast of Love

A Feast of Love let your eyes feast upon my wonders opening pathways to the sky and doorways to your heart never doubt that I AM here ~ swaying with every branch dancing with every child soaring with every bird rejoicing in the beauty of you ~ my beauty reflecting yours with oceans of love mountains…

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Healthy Heart Connections

Do you have healthy heart connections? Last year I wrote about how our brains are wired for connection. We have this amazing tool called our brain that seems to be evolving to reward social connection. My blogging journey has definitely been an evolution of social connection. My blog started as a creative outlet and I’ve…


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This week Awesome Stories brings you stars of wonder, better education, safe havens, compassion and getting unstuck. Education to Change the World This post by Steve McCurry reminds us how education can change lives, and maybe even the world using a poignant series of photos and quotes. I have great respect for teachers and appreciate…

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Moon Kisses

Moon Kisses   your kisses dance across my skin prickling the senses alive with passion coursing through my being electrifying passages to my heart tender feelings exploding I lay down my soul to rest in your sweet waters ~ Inspired by this delicious photo from Senna Relax Photography via Facebook.

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Pomp and Posturing

Pomp and Posturing   ~ Act 1 – roused who dares enter my domain offering your advice in vain beware when venturing this way I’ll huff and puff to keep you away ~ Act 2 – revealed little man with big voice revealed hidden fears concealed don’t worry, he’s like a small dog yapping at the…

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Awesome Stories 207

This week Awesome Stories brings you helping hands, wonder, free food, building peace and cool music. Ready Willing & Able Ready Willing & Able is the brainchild of George McDonald. He started The Doe Fund after being touched by the plight of the homeless and how they were treated in New York City. For years,…

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Peace Mantras

Peace Mantras   breathing in stillness I release all worldly cares returning to peace ~ worries melt away floating free on clouds of joy returning to peace ~ May you find moments during your day to pause, breath and return to peace. blessings, Brad

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Letting Go of Grandiosity

Letting Go of Grandiosity Lately, I’ve been noticing how some of my biggest aspirations actually hold me back from living fully. When I started the path of personal development, I wanted to find enlightenment. I didn’t just want to wake up or be more loving, I wanted to totally be like Buddha or Jesus! When…