Awakening, poetry, passion


 Awakening hidden feelings stir dormant passions come alive my heart beats strongly ~ the gate has opened passions bubble and erupt time to awaken   This lovely © image by Vera Komnig awakened something in me. Visit her gallery for more beautiful and evocative paintings. Thanks Vera!

Food Sharing Success

Food Sharing Shines

Food Sharing Shines Food sharing, security and distribution are hot topics around the country.   We are blessed in the US with a bounty of food and good agricultural land, yet amazingly 1 in 6 Americans face hunger. At the same time, about 40% of all food produced goes to waste. Better systems for growing, distributing…

children playing, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 182

This week Awesome Stories brings you free spirits, love in action, organic batteries, hybrid energy and happy feet. Free Spirits Thank goodness for children to remind us to play, be silly and make things up. Lately, I’ve been noticing myself drawn to children and play. This urge called forth a new poem called Dancing with…

It's Raining Peace, poetry

It’s Raining Peace

It’s Raining Peace Look, up in the sky is it a bird, a plane, a man no, it’s a peace tree raining down showers of love, respect and harmony spreading peace throughout the land building bridges of hope rivers of respect houses of compassion all working to love one another Hallelujah, It’s Raining Peace! ~…

Hummingbird Shuffle, poetry

Hummingbird Shuffle

Hummingbird Shuffle   sipping sweet nectar dancing blossom to blossom sooth my hungry soul ~ buzz, hover, shuffle shimmering body of light dance into my heart     Photo: Dave Mosher/ I just found this fun video that presents a more whimsical view on the hummingbird shuffle. :)

Local Motors, 3D EV, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 181

This week Awesome Stories brings you prison reform, creative homes, art with heart, printed cars and angelic singing. Prisons and Rehabilitation Sadly, the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world, though this is more a reflection on the system than our citizens, like arresting people for marijuana use. Thankfully, there are some programs starting…

War No More, Peace, poetry

War No More

War No More Arabs fear Jews Jews hate Arabs the madness of hate compounded by fear injustice, media, politics and ego is this true or mass hysteria loving hearts want to know why must we hate our neighbor a lone voice speaks out my mother is Palestinian and my father a Jew how can I…

sunflowers, garden delights

Garden Goodness

Garden Goodness oh what a beautiful sight birds singing in delight flowers exploding in exotic show with colors so vibrant they glow bees sipping on nectar so fine they’re buzzing in flight divine hummingbirds dazzling in magic flight ants marching home for the night my heart is bursting with love grateful for the garden goodness…

strawbale home, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 180

This week Awesome Stories brings you true love, disappearing highways, freedom, edible packaging and natural homes. Gorgeous Cobb Home Check out this gorgeous cobb and straw bale home located in SE Michigan. This is one of the better examples of functional, beautiful and affordable natural home building. They offer many tours, workshops and internships on natural building…

side bed

A Romp Through My Garden Jungle

Every day my garden looks more like a jungle. As you can see from the pictures, my garden is not super neat with vegetables in neat rows and spaces. I’ve been adding beds and plants piecemeal ever since I moved in 3 years ago. Believe it or not, when I bought it, there were only…