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Playing with Passion

Playing with Passion  passion… whispering in my heart awakens lost memories senses spring to life vibrating with love ~ dancing in my being opens mystical worlds filled with timeless dreams playing upon my soul ~ Consider listening to this video by Estas Tonne while you read the poem. His passionate guitar playing stirs my soul. Close…

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Embracing the Pain

Pain seems to be a recurring theme for me in the last few years. I’ve written before about Matt Kahn, whose teachings resonate strongly for me. He just released a video about pain that is both timely and hard for me to accept. He encourages us to consider pain as a spiritual call to awaken. Pain is…

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Awesome Stories 199

This week Awesome Stories brings you super passive homes, courage, bio-gas, compassion, stone balancing and restoring land. Courage Today Glennon Doyle Melton wrote another post that rocked me with her idea of courage for today. Often we can be overwhelmed with life and its challenges. Instead of trying to figure it all out, maybe we…

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Turkey Tales

Turkey Tales there once was a turkey named freebird who wasn’t one to follow the herd rather than gobbling all the time he’d rather explore the sublime ~ this is a whimsical tale of a fellow who loved kale rather than debate over dark and white he loves the many shades of light ~ sad…

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Harvesting Gratitude

What are you harvesting this season? My harvest has been a little sparse lately, so I’m choosing to plant more seeds of gratitude for Thanksgiving. In past years, I’ve participated in various gratitude challenges and processes during the fall season. How about you? Will you join me in growing more gratitude to open your heart? Thanksgiving has always been…

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Awesome Stories 198

This week Awesome Stories brings you agents of joy, empathy, creative solutions, solar wonders, kindness and treasures from trash. Agents of Joy I love this project. 70 different organizations from around the world have teamed up to help spread joy and laughter. Many of us have experienced the wonderful shift in attitude from a good…

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Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom   mine the depth of your soul harvesting pearls of wisdom polished in the trials of your life ~   For those of us struggling with challenges, remember there are hidden gifts within our challenges. – muse brad image from

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Healing Our Messy Lives

Glennon’s recent post knocked me down and lifted me back up. Her post on meltdowns sent me on an emotional roller coaster. Reading her post, I was sad, angry, awed, inspired and a bundle of raw emotions. I totally relate to her experience of college, and feeling lost and out of place. Somehow I managed…

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Awesome Stories 197

This week Awesome Stories brings you haircuts for the homeless, hemp magic, brain exercises, caring for kids and biophilic design. Styling the Homeless Mark Bustos spends his Sundays cruising the streets of New York City to find people that he can help. He offers homeless people free hairstyling and food each Sunday, his one day…

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Purple Passion

Purple Passion waves of purple passion exploding dancing with lavish yellow clouds singing songs in my heart ~ swirls of color wafting through my mind sparking creamy white dreams and a shower of joy! ~ This poem was inspired by the wonderful painting from Vera Komnig. Thank you Vera! When I saw this painting, my being…