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This week Awesome Stories brings you haircuts for the homeless, hemp magic, brain exercises, caring for kids and biophilic design. Styling the Homeless Mark Bustos spends his Sundays cruising the streets of New York City to find people that he can help. He offers homeless people free hairstyling and food each Sunday, his one day…

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Purple Passion

Purple Passion waves of purple passion exploding dancing with lavish yellow clouds singing songs in my heart ~ swirls of color wafting through my mind sparking creamy white dreams and a shower of joy! ~ This poem was inspired by the wonderful painting from Vera Komnig. Thank you Vera! When I saw this painting, my being…

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Peace at Home

Originally posted on writing to freedom:
Peace has been on my mind a lot lately. You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war. Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.~ Albert Einstein For as long as I can remember, peace has pulled at me like a moth to light.…

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Awesome Stories 196

This week Awesome Stories brings you recycled laptops, compassion, printing buildings, empowering women and transforming lives. Compassion in Action I love this man’s creative and compassionate way to raise awareness and money for the hungry. Anton Cobb spends his lunch hour every Wednesday sitting in Directors Park, Portland collecting funds for the Oregon Food Bank.…

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The Power of Vulnerability

The Power of Vulnerability The wound is the place where the Light enters you. ~ Rumi Rumi’s quote reminds me that vulnerability is often a gateway for intimacy, both with myself and others. I was talking to a friend at Unity recently and she mentioned how much see enjoyed my post on Bitter Medicine. She…

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Magic Gates

Magic Gates worlds collide doors open rainbows dance stars ignite and magic happens when our hearts open ~ Here are a couple more photos from the gorgeous autumn display last year when my heart opened wide with the beauty of nature. Happy Autumn! ~

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Awesome Stories 195

This week Awesome Stories brings you ocean reform, flashmobs, inter-species play, compassion and potato power! Ocean of Relief President Obama recently created the largest ocean preserve in the world by increasing the protected waters south of Hawaii by 500%! Thankfully, we are realizing how important ocean health is to our overall planetary health. Marine preservation…

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Mysterious Spells

Mysterious Spells bats in the belfry jitters in my tummy goblins, spooks and ghosts haunting with their hosts ~ what’s a witch to do boiling her tasty brew this dark hallows eve mysterious spells to weave ~ hoist my new broom flying over the room lost souls to find mired in fearful mind ~ corral…

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The Dance of Love

The Dance of Love  your kiss the caress of honey melting my hard edges your gaze the touch of angels soothing my soul ~ your presence lingers shining in my heart radiant as a full moon circling and entwined ~ in a sacred dance bodies as holy temple we worship the divine burning the dross…

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This week Awesome Stories brings you healthy writing, bright futures, grandfatherly lessons, the Pollination Project and beautiful animation. 20 Life Lessons Here are 20 life lessons for his grandson from John Simmons. I don’t agree with him on politics, but there is a lot of wisdom and common sense in his article. I definitely agree with…