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Awesome Stories 1.66

This week Awesome Stories brings you simplicity, jail art, affordable homes, garden beauty and hope. Life is Easy?  Jon Jondai reminds us how simplicity can create a better quality of life. I’ve experienced the feeling of lightness and freedom from parring down my material possessions. In fact, for two summers, I lived out of a…

Dancing in the Light, NaPoWriMo

Dancing in the Light

Dancing in the Light When I see your face my heart begins to race remembering dreams of light filled with magic flight dancing on the silvery moon while growing in the human cocoon the twinkle in your eyes is liquid love in bright skies Shall we dance? ~ This poem is dedicated to Line and…

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Pain Body

Pain Body Pain has grabbed hold my life burying my essence in strife sad cranky and mad why is this so bad hopeless cad pain is rife ~ Eckhart Tolle talks about our pain body, built on fearful habits. Some days it overwhelms me and I get lost in the pain. Other times I remember…

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Truth Time

Truth Time Face the fear bless the pain hug the anger kiss the sadness journey to the light ~ Image source; Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway. - Mother Theresa I’ve been feeling blocked by continually expressing only the love and light aspects of myself. I’ve come to a place in…

Spring Storm, NaPoWriMo, poetry

Spring Storm

Spring Storm Spring storm Erie glowing Downpour, hurling, pelting Recharges the waters of life Flash flood ~ Image source:

Pale Blue Dot- poem

Pale Blue Dot

Pale Blue Dot Our precious life on this blue dot You give abundance and ask naught How shall we escape The cycle of rape Sad I gape It is hot ~ This poem is called a clogyrnach, a Welsch ode with 6 lines, 885533 syllables and rhyme structure of aabbba. The lovely video below inspired me to…

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Awesome Stories 1.65

This week’s Awesome Stories bring you free books, miles of smiles, solar success and schools in the cloud. Concord Free Press Concord Free Press encourages generosity with every book they publish. Founder, Stona Fitch, had a simple idea to publish and distribute quality books for free along with a simple request to make a donation of their choice. So…

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Living Poetry

Living Poetry my first dance awkward glance fumbling, stepping on toes blushing, my face glows hesitantly learning to trust relax, spin and thrust flowing with the music of life letting go of struggle, pain and strife is god moving me or am I moving thee who cares, I dance with glee

National Poetry Month, Love

Love- Cinquain Style

Love Love Juicy sweet Being, flowing, merging Inspiring wild dervish dance Replete ~ Today’s offering is a cinquain: a 5 line poem with the following syllable pattern; 2-4-6-8-2. I used the American Didactic form based on the guidelines.

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Duck Soup

Duck Soup ducks serving souls Laura-Kay and her ducks have been serving the homeless around Vancouver for over 30 years. If you want to learn more, read this article in the Daily Good. Thanks to Ihsan and Kirsten for the poetry form ideas. Today’s poem is a brevette with three lines consisting of a noun,…