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Love Is Freedom

Love Is… Everything All We Need The Answer to Every Question The Path to Freedom Living in Peace, Ease, Joy and Flow ~ Where we embrace everything Allowing life to be exactly as it is Knowing it has no bearing on our beingness Allowing experiences, thoughts, feelings and events to parade on by While we…

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Awesome Stories 191

This week Awesome Stories bring you Kid President, the benefits of sadness, renewable energy, compassion, kindness and hemp. The Story of Kid President Meet Robby Novak, aka “Kid President”. If you haven’t seen one of his videos, then you must be living under a rock. :) Stop everything and go watch the video! Like many…

3 year blog anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary the joy of writing compounded in connections far and wide brings joy ~ gratitude abounds joy inspiration friendships priceless treasures found ~ Today is my 3 year anniversary for not only this blog, but my journey into writing, creative expression and the world of blogging. What began as an impulse, has turned into…

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Finding the Flow

There is a pace that aligns with the flow of life. The pace that works for me seems to be a balance of awareness and engagement. Too much engagement (doing) and I lose myself to the experience, which can be fun, but doesn’t seem like flow for me. Too much awareness (being) and I get…

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Awesome Stories 192

This week Awesome Stories brings you universal access to meals, compassion, printable solar panels, transforming grief and creativity. Welcome Home Scientists have found evidence that our galaxy is part of a much larger and self organizing cluster of galaxies called a supercluster. Cool stuff! Vermont Proposes Universal School Meals I love this idea. Leaders in…

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Awesome Stories 190

This week Awesome Stories brings you gratitude, choice, LEED, beauty and drug reform. How about a Gratitude Makeover? I love this idea. So often, we rush to change the externals in our lives without thinking about the causes, possible gifts in the challenge or what is most important to us. Yes, challenges can help stimulate…

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Rueful Ruminations

Rueful Ruminations Roses are red my heart is full of dread violets are blue just like the view ~ not to sing the blues but have you seen the news wars, violence, greed and hate abound this seems to be our common ground ~ more violence, planning and hysteria this new war in Syria because…

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Dewy Delight

Dewy Delight glistening and fresh dew drops calling to come play let’s start a new day ~ drop that mopey frown come sing with giggles and glee open your heart to me

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Awesome Stories 189

This week Awesome Stories brings you living without money, love, tidal power, beauty and powerful women. Living without Money  While I highly value and enjoy living simply, I’m not sure I could give up money and possessions completely like this German woman. Heidemarie Schwermer made a deliberate choice to stop using money 14 years ago. She gave…

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Summer’s Last Breath

Summer’s Last Breath like Shakespeare she won’t easily give up the fight flowers still blooming with secret scents and sirens in the night heard by worker bees and butterflies who dance in delight come feed and rest upon these garden delights nature offering her precious beauty and lights fall will come soon enough with her glorious…