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Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light fear whispers who are you to shine don’t listen you are radiant beyond measure a beacon in the dark a star seeded beauty come to light up the world with cosmic rainbows of love sharing your special rays let your light shine! ~ I wrote this poem in celebration of World Day…

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Awesome Stories 187

This week Awesome Stories brings you living bridges, children’s wisdom, a nurturing dog, play therapy, healing songs and rain forest preservation. Living Bridges This is one of the most creative and beautiful ideas I’ve seen in a long time. The tribal people of Meghalaya in northeastern India have developed an ingenious way of training tree roots…

Compassion Games

Let the Games Begin!

The Compassion Games are back! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you may recall that I dedicated 2014 to compassion and learning to be more self loving. Here’s the post where I stated my intentions along with 11 tips for thriving. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile,…

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Soothing Waters

Soothing Waters babbling brook hums tunes rippling across mind and soul soothing water chords ~ whispers to my heart time to flow and sing with joy life is love in flow   The photo is from here in Fayetteville, AR along Skull Creek Trail, our main north to south trail, at a cozy little cove…

40 Fruits Tree, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 186

This week Awesome Stories brings you magic trees, mid-flight miracles, smiles, eco-heroes and love. Arkansas Eco-Hero Last week I wrote about greening your home as a way to help create a more sustainable life. Nao Ueda takes sustainable living to a whole new level with her commitment to living gently on the planet. She lives in…

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Dance of Delight

Dance of Delight wings quiver and shake seeking nirvana in bloom blessed pink nectar ~ sweet sacred union the holy dance preordained delight now complete

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The Freedom of Choice

What is freedom? This post was originally intended for July 4th, but obviously I didn’t finish it in time. :) Since I’m pondering choice and freedom, it seems like a good time to share this post. There are many popular definitions for freedom which involve doing what we want when we want it. This kind…

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Awesome Stories 185

This week Awesome Stories brings you kindness, beauty, gorgeous sunsets, compassion and sustainable homes. Compassion in Action Fair warning, this is another tear jerker! This article portrays compassion in a very practical and touching way. Mia Tagano writes about learning to look with our heart, a lesson from her grandmother. She definitely learned the lesson and…

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Stumbling into Grace

Yesterday, I briefly touched grace. If we are lucky, we have moments of grace when all feels right in our world, resonating as peace in our heart. I was feeling raw and slipping into depression, then I read another post by Stacy. Her post reminded me about the power of intention, choice and accepting responsibility. The…

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Listen UP!

Are you listening? Listening is a key aspect to healthy and supportive relationships. It is one of the ways that we demonstrate care, compassion and connection with another person. I’ve always been a pretty good listener with people, but I might need more practice on my listening-to-spirit skills. If you want some good practical tips…